Why Limit Your Abilities As A Stylist And Put A Cap On Your Profits?

Discover The Innovative Looks With SEAMLESS Crochet Hair That Women Of Color Across America Are Desperate For!

You can advance your skills, increase your income and take your passion to new heights.

Discover Innovative Looks With SEAMLESS Crochet Hair That Women Of Color Across America Are Desperate For...

You can advance your skills, increase your income and take your passion to new heights

The Search For The Perfect Combo Of Glamour And Protection In Hairstyling Is OVER!

Becoming a hairstylist is a dream come true. It’s a job that allows you to
express your creativity, meet amazing people, and earn a great income. 

The Only Problem...

Even the most up-to-date techniques have their limitations, meaning that it’s not always possible to create your clients’ dream looks. Until now. 

I created the ONLY system that enables hairstylists and braiders to create a truly seamless look for their clients.
  • One that’s safe…
  • Easy to do…
  • With NO leave out…
For a limited time only, I want to share EXACTLY how much of an impact this technique can have on your current or future salon. And I’m revealing everything inside my Seamless Crochet  Courses:


The HERV University Seamless Crochet Courses

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Seamless Mastery Course
*3 courses in 1*
1,497 $600
$2500 (SAVE $1900!)
  • The Crochet Methodology Course
  • The  Seamless Human Hair Crochet Course
  • The Seamless Alopecia Course
    (Bundle valued at $2,500) : 

    A complete introduction to using our signature seamless crochet methodology on clients with alopecia

    ​Foundational Training With A Mannequin Covering Topknot Braids, Non-Slip Knots, And More

    A Tutorial On How To Install The Seamless Crochet With A Weave Buddy

    A Tutorial On Installing A Human Hair Crochet With A Weave Buddy
  • Seamless Custom Latch Hook
  • PLUS:

    Get exclusive access to the crochet community and share your stories and experiences with other hair professionals from around the world  with Access to Discounted Events such as Retreats, Hair Shows & more!    
  • (Monthly) LIVE Q&A Zoom Sessions And Client Tutorials With Jenise McBride To Help Strengthen Your Knowledge And Understanding Of Alopecia & more w/ other Guest Speakers Including Discounted Tickets to all HVU Events.
  • LIVE HVU Zoom Sessions With Jenise McBride Featuring Client Tutorials And A Breakdown Of Price Structuring for a High Ticket Item.

    Certification Upon Completion And Listed To Our International Registry Of Certified Technicians With Thousands Of Active Viewers

Still Have Questions? 

Jenise McBride here again. The question I get asked more than any other by stylists across the country is this: “How can I give my salon an extra edge?”

These days, it’s easier than ever for women (and men) to go to beauty college and learn everything they need to know to become a stylist. Except that’s not entirely true…

While beauty college provides you with the bare minimum to become a stylist - the ONLY way to increase your clientele and your profits is to offer something different from your competitors.

But it’s not enough to put a slight twist on a classic and hope to see floods of customers coming through the door…
  • To earn a higher income, you have to offer something in-demand…
  • Something that is technically advanced…
  • Something that allows you to change clients' lives…
The word is out about my patented seamless crochet, and more and more women are discovering it for themselves… but right now, there just aren’t enough salons offering it!

There’s never been a better time to embrace the changing direction of hairstyling as women move away from ‘tight’ styles and harmful hair products that increase their risk of alopecia…

And my seamless crochet bundle will provide you with everything you need.

Hi there, I’m Jenise McBride.

I’ve been a Professional Braider and Master Crochet Stylist for many years, but one thing I noticed through talking to my clients. It’s often difficult to find the protective style that’s best for our hair.

I began extensive research and looked into many different techniques for protecting the natural hair of women of color. I eventually came across the Crochet Braids.

Although I fell in love with the concept, I couldn’t get behind the look. The parts and hairline had knots, and it just didn’t look ‘right.’ 
And having a leave Out with my weaves was only causing more damage to my already thinning edges for years of over manipulation and Not to mention having to deal with Postpartum Hair-loss right around my edges.

So my though was before it gets worse. Let me do something about it before it's even worse. So I went natural and went on a journey of discovery and Created "The 360 Seamless Hairline" using a Crochet/Latch Hook Technique. 

Why should we sacrifice having a realistic, seamless look just to get the protection we need? Always ‘The High Achiever’ - I strived to improve the norm. I went on a journey of discovery and invented my own technique called the ‘seamless hairline.’ I’d done it.

Finally:  A seamless look where the hair appears as though it’s really growing out of the scalp… Ultimate protection for vacation hair or everyday hair for the busy working woman:
  • No blending
  • No glue
  • No lifting
  • ​No Exposed parting
Since then, I’ve served countless women: from celebrities to CEOs to other stylists from all over the world. And you can follow in my footsteps.
Self-Paced Learning Platform

The 100% Unique Techniques Not Taught Anywhere Else
Learn From Anywhere In The World

Unlock Exclusive Access That You Won’t Find ANYWHERE Else

Trust me when I say this:
  • You will NOT find a better way to get started with the Seamless Crochet technique.
  • You will NOT find a better way to position yourself as a master of your craft.
  • You will NOT find a better way to take your salon to the next level.

Here’s What Other People Are Saying About The Seamless Human Hair Crochet Course 

“This Course Pays For Itself Triple Times Over”

There is no other course like this, and I have never seen crochet braids done like this before. The course truly pays for itself triple times over now that I'm able to provide my clients with a new level of service.
Makia Thomas @krochetbykia
Texas Certified Technician

“A Game-Changer”

If you're looking to take Crochet to the next level, this is the class for you. This kind of crochet technique is a game-changer.
Hossanna Paida @Braidingfingers
California Certified Instructor

Are You Ready To Discover What The The Seamless Human Hair Crochet Course Can Do For You?

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